August 13, 2010

Passing on the savings...

One of my favorite places to shop for baby gifts is
They have GREAT stuff and fabulous prices, AND free shipping when you spend $49, which isn't hard to do! Use the code 15OFF4YOU and save 15% off your first order. Love love love this store! They just added a sister store as well,, and it works just like Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic where they share a shopping cart and checkout. You can get everything from paper towels to shampoo and makeup along with every kind of household cleaner you can imagine. The coupon code will apply to BOTH stores!

Get 15% off
your first order
use code 15OFF4YOU
shop for all your baby needs: body pillows, good start formula, swaddle pod
check out baby registry
Buy Baby Items at
Baby Items
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Buy Baby Items at