April 30, 2008

Sweet Baby Boy ;)

This little guy came in with his mom and dad and was an absolute angel the whole time! I just love his big eyes. Here is a little preview for his AWESOME parents! :)

April 28, 2008

Sneak Peek!! :)

I LOVE this family! The session was so fun, and the kids were fantastic AND adorable!! Hope you enjoy the sneak peek. ;)

April 25, 2008

New/Old Location...

I had a SUPER fun session with a fabulous family yesterday morning, bright and early. It was soooo exciting for a couple of reasons - one, the family was just WONDERFUL, and two, they had selected a park in Alamo that I hadn't been to since March of 2002. I loved this park, as it just happens to be the park where Noah and I had our engagement photos taken! Anyway, here is a photo taken before the session, as I always arrive early to a location I am not completely familiar with, just to check it out so we don't waste time during the session trying to find the *right* spot. :)

Mim-Pi, Tea Collection, Kaiya Eve, and more!

Yep, more listings! I'm a MACHINE!! LOL!

April 22, 2008

More super duper cute listings! :)

More cute stuff - when eBay has a listing sale, ya gotta go with it! ;)

CLICK HERE to view my listings on eBay!

Icky Baby Paisley Garden

April 19, 2008

I just love this one...

My bestest little girl model - this photo was just asking to be converted to black and white, so here she is! :)

April 18, 2008

Watching the world go by...

Just a quick one of Jeff today, looking out the window and just enjoying the beautiful day. :)

April 17, 2008

Red Raiders

I was cleaning out some boxes this morning, and I came across an old photo that made me all sentimental and nostalgic...so now you have to hear the story...

August 2001 - I transfered to Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa after a 2 year hiatus from college. I had previously attended Viterbo University in LaCrosse, WI. My little brother was at Northwestern, and convinced me that I would LOVE it there too. I went there to visit him for his birthday in April, and had applied before I left that week. Yes, he did graduate before me even though he is two years younger...but he's still going to school, and I've been done for 5 years! (Love you Joel! I'm so proud of you.)
Anyway, back to August 2001...Joel had a friend, we'll call her "Abby" because that's her name...and we became pretty darn good friends. She had said from the time she met me that she knew a Guy that would be perfect for me. I REFUSED to go out with ANYONE because now I was serious about just. getting. through. school. NO nonsense.

Well, Abby heard that one of The Guy's dorms was holding a bachelor auction to raise money for the school's Spring Service Projects. Abby and a mutual friend (Bob) decided that she and I would buy Bob and his roommate...who just happened to be The Guy she had wanted to send me off on a date with since the beginning. We would go out on a double date. Casual - just go see a movie and have dinner together.

FINE. So now I'm being ganged up on, and I have NO choice but to spend my hard earned (sent from mom) money bidding on some guy. GREAT. Well ok, so even though I'd never seen the guy up close...he was a football player, and I had seen his little grayscale picture in the program. I had gone to every single game because the girls I lived with dated football players. He was kinda cute, from what I could tell. My brother said he was a nice guy. Nothing to lose, I guess, and it might even be kinda fun.

Auction night - I was a bundle of nerves. I told Abby I would GO but I was NOT bidding out loud. She could do all the talking. I hid behind a post, hoping The Guy wouldn't see me. Well that is the night I found out I am competitive. Apparently some other chick wanted to go on a date with him, she kept trying to outbid me. Well SHOOT, I had homework to do and a big paper to write...I had to get out of there, so instead of going up by $2 increments, I whispered to Abby ...$15...$25...$35...fine $75!!! I won The Guy for a grand total of $75. UGH. But at least I won! :D

Date night - It was a pretty big deal on campus. Small school, everyone who knew us was excited for our date. EVERYONE thought we would be *perfect* together. I was sooooooooooo sooo nervous! I lived in a house with 13 other girls. It was such an exciting night. I was a disaster, so thank goodness for all those girls who helped me get ready. I was so nervous, I almost brushed my teeth with my curling iron. Whew. I was driving because I had the biggest car (1997 Ford Taurus). Tinted windows. Um bad idea. I should not have been driving with the case of nerves I had. The four of us piled into the car and I backed up right into another car (no damage) and The Guy now knew I was NUTS. We did make it to Sioux City in record time though!

We saw Charlie's Angels and ate at Chilis. Went back to OC, and Bob and Abby went home. The Guy and I decided to go back to my house and hang out for a little while. We spent the rest of the night into the early morning just talking. Had so much fun. Love at first sight. I called my mom and told her about the whole ordeal, and she jokingly asked if I was going to marry him. HA - the joke was on her when I said YES I was. :)

We got engaged on Spring Break in California, exactly 3 months to the day from our very first date. We have now been happily married for almost 6 years and have a totally amazing son. ;) Love you babe!

Sooooo here's a picture of The Guy as he was way back in 2001.

April 16, 2008

Listings Coming SOON...

I will be adding more things shortly, Tea Collection, Mim Pi, more Binky Couture, and some Baby Nay will be soon to follow. Keep watching!!
Click HERE to see my listings!!

Listing, Listing, in this pool of clothes...

I have been at it again, this time with CUTE CUTE Submarine bathing suits and more!
Here is a preview:

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April 15, 2008

Just a Little Funny ....

This has NEVER happened, and I doubt it ever will, the kids I photograph are all so wonderful...BUT it was too funny not to share!! (And as you all know, we don't say "cheese" in my studio anyway! ;))

April 14, 2008

Sneak Peek!

Had a super fun session on Saturday with these two gorgeous kiddos - just wanted to share a sneak peek with their mom!

April 12, 2008

My Lovebug

So we went in for a haircut the other day...and I'm sitting in the waiting area, but I can hear him chatting with the stylist...

Jeff: Yeah, my mom is really silly.
Stylist: Oh yes, mommies can be pretty funny sometimes!
Jeff: Wanna know the best part about my mom?
Stylist: What is it?
Jeff: She L-O-V-Es me!

I love my kid. :)

April 11, 2008

A Little Squirrelly

This little guy frequents our front yard, several times a day. It is so fun to watch him (? I'm just guessing, could be a her for all I know!) scurry around with his nose to the ground looking for some goodies. Yesterday I decided to photograph him quietly through the front window...maybe not the greatest plan, in hindsight, as the pics aren't super clear (I guess I need to clean the window??) but they are still kind of fun.

I thought this post was appropriate for today, since I woke up feeling a bit "squirrelly" myself. I dished up a bowl of chocolate ice cream and grabbed a Mt. Dew from the fridge for breakfast...not a normal meal for me by any means, but today it just sounded "right". ***Please note, my mom read this today and wants everyone to know that she did NOT teach me to eat like that for breakfast. It is something I learned entirely on my own. ;)

My dad had little nicknames for us as kids, and they all started with "S". You guessed it, mine was "Squirrelly"! The later it got at night, the sillier, the nuttier, the gigglier, the zanier I got, hence the nickname. My brother Joel is a fair freckle skinned red head - (the kind of red most of us would pay good money to get, as he has gotten older it is a beautiful deep auburn-y red.) As a member of the fair-skinned sun sensitive variety, he would squish up his eyes until they were nothing but teeeeeeeny tiny slits when we were outside playing. Every summer outdoor picture, you can barely see any eye. His nickname was..."Squint". My youngest brother Jeff was just a little baby when these nicknames were bequeathed. I remember him sleeping in a bassinet in the living room and we would hear these cute little noises while he slept. He sounded like a little dog toy. His nickname - "Squeak."
Such silly names, but yet innately *us*.

Well, since today is unique in my mood and outlook, I bet I will get something creative done. Off to see what I can find to get my hands into! :)

April 10, 2008

Sup Sup Suppertime!

Jeff lovesssssssss to "help" me in the kitchen. After watching the Garfield movie, he insisted that he wanted to eat lasagna...sooooo "we" made some the other night, and lo and behold, he liked it, he really liked it! This is a HUGE deal for us, the parents of the child who picks what he wants to eat by color. "Mom, I want to eat orange today." Not AN orange...orange as in only foods that are orange. Cheese, carrots, goldfish.
I'm going to have to let him watch more movies about food! :)

April 7, 2008


So I look out the window of our bedroom, which overlooks our neighborhood pool...and what do I see??

Looks like a nice day for a swim...

The water is great!

Time to go...

Bye Bye Birdie!

April 6, 2008

Beautiful Birth Announcements

I just loved how this turned out and had to share it with all of you.
Baby G is soooo sweet! This was designed as a 5x7 folded card and I had it printed on heavy weight linen paper. The end result was just gorgeous - even my lab called just to tell me how pretty they were while they were in production. :)

Welcome to the world baby Emma!

Beautiful Emma and her family visited me for some newborn photos this past week. Here's a sneak peek of a few of my favorites!