August 26, 2008

The First Day of KINDERGARTEN!

So Jeff is in Kindergarten now...ahhh I can't believe it! It does go SO fast...
I am so proud of him, though. He LOVES his teacher, the school, and there are some very special friends from preschool that are in his class. How could he NOT love it??! I did GREAT...until...I watched him file into the classroom, walking away from me not only physically, but walking a little bit further from little kid to big kid, less needful of mom with every step. GULP. Tears. He didn't see me though, and it was only a bit, just a little sad for me and a lot happy for my bestest bud.


Sweet Melissa said...

Oh my goodness Sarah, great pictures for those great memories!!!

You are such a wonderful mommy!!!

Jeffrey is so handsome, looking so grown up! I love it! =D

I have to get my pictures up of Angelique too!!

Love school!


Melinda Bunker said...

Cute pics Sarah! My favorite is the textured one of Jeff in front of the school...very cool shot. YAY for Jeff!
Melinda & Family

Anonymous said...

Such a handsome guy! Well, two handsome guys, actually!


Jung said...

he looks like an angel with a mohawk - i love these!

PD said...

awe what a handsome lil dude! Congrats on the first day of JK. Mine starts this Thursday :)