August 28, 2008

When Uncle Joel Comes to Town...

Uncle Joel (my brother) was in town this last week and Jeffrey was just beside himself with excitement. Of course, it didn't hurt a bit that Uncle Joel came armed with an awesome Lego set and a football!

The Jeffer ADORES both of his uncles, but since Joel lives on the other side of the country and we only get to see him twice a year, these visits are pretty special. It had been awhile since I had gotten any "nice" pictures of Jeffrey with his uncles, so I took the opportunity the other night before Joel left for the airport to get some new pics. (Usually they are rolling around rough-housing or something!) Watch out Uncle're next! :D

Oh...and the last one...Jeffrey said he would "let" me take some pictures if I promised to take a picture of his feet when we were done. I obliged. ;)

P.S. Jung, Jeffrey misses you and says that Uncle better bring you next time because it is "even more better" with you around. ;)

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Tracy Besek - Detroit Family Photographer said...

Those are all great, but #3 you can really feel their connection!