September 9, 2008

Meet Lou.

Lou is Jeff's new best stuffed buddy. He designed him all by himself, and since the moment he arrived, he has not left Jeff's side - except for school hours of course. ;) I VERY highly recommend CURLY Q CUTIES! You can choose colors, eyes, shapes, bellies, etc. and create your very own monster buddy. We could not be more pleased with the new addition to our family! SO cute and so well done!


Amanda Metz said...

I love that!! I can't wait to order one! cute pictures!

Sweet Melissa said...

I can't wait to make one! Ok, two, so the girls have their own. I better save up... Christmas presents!! hehe

Thanks for sharing!!

Oh and by the way, I love the pictures... as always, Jeffrey is just too cute...and I love his new buddy!!

heather said...

Adorable! I love boys and their buddies. He looks very pleased! :)

Melinda Bunker said...

LOVE LOU and your captures are fabulous!

Laura said...

nice work! and he is adorable