April 17, 2008

Red Raiders

I was cleaning out some boxes this morning, and I came across an old photo that made me all sentimental and nostalgic...so now you have to hear the story...

August 2001 - I transfered to Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa after a 2 year hiatus from college. I had previously attended Viterbo University in LaCrosse, WI. My little brother was at Northwestern, and convinced me that I would LOVE it there too. I went there to visit him for his birthday in April, and had applied before I left that week. Yes, he did graduate before me even though he is two years younger...but he's still going to school, and I've been done for 5 years! (Love you Joel! I'm so proud of you.)
Anyway, back to August 2001...Joel had a friend, we'll call her "Abby" because that's her name...and we became pretty darn good friends. She had said from the time she met me that she knew a Guy that would be perfect for me. I REFUSED to go out with ANYONE because now I was serious about just. getting. through. school. NO nonsense.

Well, Abby heard that one of The Guy's dorms was holding a bachelor auction to raise money for the school's Spring Service Projects. Abby and a mutual friend (Bob) decided that she and I would buy Bob and his roommate...who just happened to be The Guy she had wanted to send me off on a date with since the beginning. We would go out on a double date. Casual - just go see a movie and have dinner together.

FINE. So now I'm being ganged up on, and I have NO choice but to spend my hard earned (sent from mom) money bidding on some guy. GREAT. Well ok, so even though I'd never seen the guy up close...he was a football player, and I had seen his little grayscale picture in the program. I had gone to every single game because the girls I lived with dated football players. He was kinda cute, from what I could tell. My brother said he was a nice guy. Nothing to lose, I guess, and it might even be kinda fun.

Auction night - I was a bundle of nerves. I told Abby I would GO but I was NOT bidding out loud. She could do all the talking. I hid behind a post, hoping The Guy wouldn't see me. Well that is the night I found out I am competitive. Apparently some other chick wanted to go on a date with him, she kept trying to outbid me. Well SHOOT, I had homework to do and a big paper to write...I had to get out of there, so instead of going up by $2 increments, I whispered to Abby ...$15...$25...$35...fine $75!!! I won The Guy for a grand total of $75. UGH. But at least I won! :D

Date night - It was a pretty big deal on campus. Small school, everyone who knew us was excited for our date. EVERYONE thought we would be *perfect* together. I was sooooooooooo sooo nervous! I lived in a house with 13 other girls. It was such an exciting night. I was a disaster, so thank goodness for all those girls who helped me get ready. I was so nervous, I almost brushed my teeth with my curling iron. Whew. I was driving because I had the biggest car (1997 Ford Taurus). Tinted windows. Um bad idea. I should not have been driving with the case of nerves I had. The four of us piled into the car and I backed up right into another car (no damage) and The Guy now knew I was NUTS. We did make it to Sioux City in record time though!

We saw Charlie's Angels and ate at Chilis. Went back to OC, and Bob and Abby went home. The Guy and I decided to go back to my house and hang out for a little while. We spent the rest of the night into the early morning just talking. Had so much fun. Love at first sight. I called my mom and told her about the whole ordeal, and she jokingly asked if I was going to marry him. HA - the joke was on her when I said YES I was. :)

We got engaged on Spring Break in California, exactly 3 months to the day from our very first date. We have now been happily married for almost 6 years and have a totally amazing son. ;) Love you babe!

Sooooo here's a picture of The Guy as he was way back in 2001.


Melinda Bunker said...

awwwwwwwww...and they are just the cutest couple ever too! Love you both!!!!
Melinda & Family

Catalina said...

Thank God for that date... Now youre together, happy and you have that wonderful kid ;)

Melinda Bunker said...

Of course we LOVE,LOVE,LOVE that amazing child you made; JJ Metz! ;)
Melinda & Family

Sweet Melissa said...

Sarah, that is such a cute story!! I'm soo happy that you shared it with us! =)

You guys were totally meant to be together. That $75 was way worth it!

You are a totally cute couple, and the three of you are a totally awesome family!

Love it! =)


p.s. Jeffrey looks just like his daddy! That will be a great picture to hold onto throughout the years!