April 10, 2008

Sup Sup Suppertime!

Jeff lovesssssssss to "help" me in the kitchen. After watching the Garfield movie, he insisted that he wanted to eat lasagna...sooooo "we" made some the other night, and lo and behold, he liked it, he really liked it! This is a HUGE deal for us, the parents of the child who picks what he wants to eat by color. "Mom, I want to eat orange today." Not AN orange...orange as in only foods that are orange. Cheese, carrots, goldfish.
I'm going to have to let him watch more movies about food! :)

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Melinda Bunker said...

WOOHOO, Now we can make lasagna when you guys all come for dinner! HUGE milestone- yay for Jeff (and YAY for you and Noah!). BTW...Jeff looks SO much older in that second picture and it has only been a little over a week since we saw him last...GEZZZ these kids are growing up TOO fast!
Melinda & Family