April 11, 2008

A Little Squirrelly

This little guy frequents our front yard, several times a day. It is so fun to watch him (? I'm just guessing, could be a her for all I know!) scurry around with his nose to the ground looking for some goodies. Yesterday I decided to photograph him quietly through the front window...maybe not the greatest plan, in hindsight, as the pics aren't super clear (I guess I need to clean the window??) but they are still kind of fun.

I thought this post was appropriate for today, since I woke up feeling a bit "squirrelly" myself. I dished up a bowl of chocolate ice cream and grabbed a Mt. Dew from the fridge for breakfast...not a normal meal for me by any means, but today it just sounded "right". ***Please note, my mom read this today and wants everyone to know that she did NOT teach me to eat like that for breakfast. It is something I learned entirely on my own. ;)

My dad had little nicknames for us as kids, and they all started with "S". You guessed it, mine was "Squirrelly"! The later it got at night, the sillier, the nuttier, the gigglier, the zanier I got, hence the nickname. My brother Joel is a fair freckle skinned red head - (the kind of red most of us would pay good money to get, as he has gotten older it is a beautiful deep auburn-y red.) As a member of the fair-skinned sun sensitive variety, he would squish up his eyes until they were nothing but teeeeeeeny tiny slits when we were outside playing. Every summer outdoor picture, you can barely see any eye. His nickname was..."Squint". My youngest brother Jeff was just a little baby when these nicknames were bequeathed. I remember him sleeping in a bassinet in the living room and we would hear these cute little noises while he slept. He sounded like a little dog toy. His nickname - "Squeak."
Such silly names, but yet innately *us*.

Well, since today is unique in my mood and outlook, I bet I will get something creative done. Off to see what I can find to get my hands into! :)


Melinda Bunker said...

Squirrelly huh???? Hmmm...you KNOW what I am thinking! ;) LOL

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