April 25, 2008

New/Old Location...

I had a SUPER fun session with a fabulous family yesterday morning, bright and early. It was soooo exciting for a couple of reasons - one, the family was just WONDERFUL, and two, they had selected a park in Alamo that I hadn't been to since March of 2002. I loved this park, as it just happens to be the park where Noah and I had our engagement photos taken! Anyway, here is a photo taken before the session, as I always arrive early to a location I am not completely familiar with, just to check it out so we don't waste time during the session trying to find the *right* spot. :)

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Melinda Bunker said...

Beautiful, stunning locations...can't wait for you to do my family session there next month! NOW...where is the lovely family???? Let's see them!? :)
Love ya,